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Please read carefully before using this service.

Welcome to Value Up Service!

The Value Up Service, website and/or software application (collectively, the “Service”) enables you to access various HR personnel all across the world through forum, sell/buy e-books, employ labours or seek for employment and/or earn as an affiliate marketer . You may also use your supported money transfer, account or credit card to pay for products and services offered by third parties (“Products”). The Service is operated by Value Up Service, subject to these Terms of Service (“Terms”).

Terms of Service

1. Your privacy is important to us.

Value Up Service takes the matters of protection and security of its users’ information very seriously. Value Up Service’s privacy policy governing the Service is attached to these Terms (“Privacy Policy”). The Privacy Policy is incorporated into these Terms by this reference. By using the Service, you agree to the use of your data in accordance with Value Up Service’s Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy addresses only the information collected by Value Up Service in providing the Service to you. Merchants and Payment Processors have their own information gathering practices that will apply when you choose to purchase Products.

2. You must register an account with valid information.

To use the Service, you must: (a) provide a valid mobile phone number; (b) agree to the creation of an account associated with such number; (c) accept the present Terms; and (d) submit such other and additional information as Value Up Service may request. You agree to provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself as prompted by Value Up Service during the account registration process. You will be given the option of receiving a unique PASSWORD for purposes of reusing your account. You are responsible for keeping your PASSWORD secure.

3. Third-party merchants offer the goods & services.

The Service provides you with a method of discovering offers from independent third party merchants (“Publishers”). These Merchants sell their respective Products subject to their own terms and conditions. For example:

  • E-books: If you choose to purchase e-books, you do so pursuant to the relevant terms and conditions of your service provider.
  • Jobs: If you choose to apply for any job from an employer, you do so pursuant to the relevant terms and conditions of your job provider. However, we do not endorse the employers.
  • HR Forum: Information posted in the forum are solely the author’s property. We are not liable for any misinterpretation, misleading information, or any adverse or wreck caused by such information.

If you decide to purchase Products such as these from third party Merchants, you do so at your own risk and subject to the relevant Merchant’s terms and conditions. The Products are not investigated, monitored, or checked for accuracy, reliability, appropriateness or completeness by Value Up Service. By permitting you to discover Products via the Service, Value Up Service does not imply approval or endorsement of such Products. You agree that Value Up Service is not responsible or liable for the Products you purchase from Merchants.

4. Payments are processed by third parties.

In order to facilitate your purchases from Merchants, Value Up Service has integrated its Service with the billing solutions of certain mobile money providers and credit card issuing banks (“Payment Processors”). If you purchase a Product from a Merchant using your supported mobile money wallet or account or credit card, payments will be processed by such Payment Processors. Payment Processors have their own terms and conditions governing your use of their payment services. You understand and agree that Value Up Service does not process payments and is not responsible or liable for any transactions in which you engage. By engaging in a purchase transaction using your mobile money account or credit card, you authorize the Merchant (or Value Up Service on its behalf) to bill your account or card for the purchase amount.

5. This is a contract.

These Terms constitute a contract between you and Value Up Service. You may not use the Service if you do not accept these Terms. By using any part of the Service you accept these Terms. If you are under fifteen (15) years of age, you may not use the Service.

6. Product inquiries should be submitted to the relevant Merchant.

If you have any questions, concerns or requests related to a Product you have purchased from a Merchant, you should contact the Merchant directly or contact us at support@Valueupservice.com. Each Merchant maintains its own customer contact desk for handling such requests, however, Value Up Service may do its best effort to assist you. If you wish to submit a complaint about the practices of a Merchant offering its Products via the Service, you may contact us by email support@Valueupservice.com

7. You must not use the Service to violate any laws.

You must not use the Service to violate or infringe the rights of any other person, including the rights of other users, Value Up Service’s rights in the Service or Merchants’ rights in their Products. You must not breach any laws or regulations when using the Service or attempt to disrupt or interfere with the security or functionality of the Service. In the event Value Up Service has the suspicion you are using the Services for illegal activities such as fraud, Value Up Service will block your account immediately and may take legal course.

8. Value Up Service may contact you regarding your account or the Service.

You expressly agree that, as part of the Service, you may, from time to time, receive communications from Value Up Service via email, instant message, telephone, text message (SMS) or other means. You may stop receiving promotional messages by emailing your request to opt-out, along with your cell phone number, to support@Valueupservice.com, or following the opt-out instructions in the message. Even if you choose to opt out of receiving promotional messages, you may not opt out of receiving service-related messages.

9. Value Up Service may discontinue the Service.

Value Up Service may in its sole discretion and at any time terminate your access to the Service or discontinue providing the Service or any part of the Service, with or without notice. You agree that Value Up Service will not be responsible or liable to you or any third party for modifying or discontinuing the Service, or for terminating or suspending your access to the Service.

10. STORE specific provisions.

Each of the store’s product is offered in conjunction with each of our merchants. If at any time the Merchant terminates its agreement with Value Up Service, the Services related to the store product shall terminate immediately. Each of the Store products shall immediately be made available to you once you visit the individual merchant store. Any revenue made from merchant’s store shall only be payable on funds that have remained in your Wallet between a period of not less than one complete working day (24 (twenty four) working day hours) and which charges shall be at a rate determined by Value Up Service from time to time and would have been deducted. You acknowledge and agree that Value Up Service shall have the right to amend the charges rate applicable to the Merchant Store product and you hereby indemnify and waive any/all claims of any nature against Value Up Service for charges on your Store product. You agree and acknowledge that where the funds in your Store wallet have been flagged as or are suspected of being fraudulent in nature, Value Up Service may immediately suspend your account and retain the funds pending an investigation. You irrevocably agree that where you select the option to transfer funds from your Value Up Service Store Wallet balance to your bank account such transfer shall take place daily at a time designated by Us. At our discretion, you may be granted the option to effect payment for other Value Up Service services (as designated by Value Up Service from time to time) with funds held in your Merchant Store wallet.

11. Value Up Service is not liable for any damages you may incur as a result of using the Services.


12. You agree to arbitrate any disputes.

This Agreement is subject to, and shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of Nigeria, without reference to the principles of conflict of laws thereof. Any matters arising concerning the interpretation, validity or implementation of this Agreement not solved by mutual agreement between the Parties shall be submitted to arbitration in the English language before a sole arbitrator to take place in Ibadan, Nigeria as the seat of the arbitration. The arbitration shall be conducted pursuant to the Rules of Arbitration of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators of the United Kingdom. The arbitral decision shall be final and binding on the Parties and may be made an order of court. The Parties unconditionally consent and submit to the jurisdiction of the High Court for such purpose. Nothing in this Agreement will be deemed as preventing Value Up Service from seeking injunctive relief (or any other provisional remedy) from any court having jurisdiction over the Parties and the subject matter of the dispute as is necessary to protect Value Up Service’s name, proprietary information, trade secrets, know-how, or any other intellectual property rights.

13. Value Up Service may modify these Terms.

These Terms and related policies (including but not limited to the Privacy Policy) may be modified by Value Up Service without notice at any time in the future. Changes will be posted. By using the Service, you agree to be bound by the latest version of these Terms. It is your responsibility to remain informed of any changes.

14. Alteration.

No alteration, variation or agreed cancellation of this agreement, and this paragraph, shall be of any effect unless directed so by us.

15. Whole Agreement.

This Agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties in regard to the subject matter hereof and no warranties or representations of any nature whatsoever other than set out in this agreement have been given by any of the parties.

16. Waiver/Relaxation.

No relaxation or indulgence which Value Up Service may show to you shall in any way prejudice or be deemed to be a waiver of its rights hereunder.

17. Survival.

Each and every provision of this Agreement (excluding only those provisions which are essential at law for a valid and binding Agreement to be constituted) shall be deemed to be separate and severable from the remaining provisions of this Agreement. If any of the provisions of this Agreement (excluding only those provisions which are essential at law for a valid and binding Agreement to be constituted) is found by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid and/or unenforceable then, notwithstanding such invalidity and/or unenforceability, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall be and remain of full force and effect.

Privacy policy

A. Value Up Service collects the following data exclusively to be able to provide the Service: name, surname, email address, mobile phone number, as provided by you. Value Up Service might also collect your mobile phone number directly from your device if possible. Value Up Service uses the data to deliver the Service and maintain a customer relationship, including processing refund claims.

B. Value Up Service uses Google Analytics to collect statistics on users’ interaction with the Service to improve the Service and related in-app functionality.

C. The Service may create aggregate usage reports for advertisers and partners. This allows our advertisers to advertise more effectively and allows our users to receive advertisements that are relevant to their needs. Value Up Service never shares individual personal information with anyone, so an advertiser will never know that a specific user clicked on that advertiser’s advertisement.

D. Value Up Service uses the above-described information to tailor the Service to suit user needs and help our advertisers better understand our audience demographics. We do not share information about individual users with any third party.

E. Value Up Service reserves the right to disclose any information we have as required by law and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process.

F. In the event that you use the Service to purchase Products from third party Merchants as further described in the terms of service, the collection of data by such third party Merchant is described in the relevant privacy policy of such Merchant.

G. Value Up Service will inform of any changes or updates to this Privacy Policy, through its website or in-app notifications. To learn more about the measures implemented by Value Up Service to protect your personal information, or if you have any inquiries on the processing of your data, you may contact us at privacy@Valueupservice.com.

By using any part of the Service, you acknowledge and agree to the processing of your personal data, under the terms and conditions set out in this Privacy Policy.