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 Value Up Service is a company that deals in the sales and promotion of books and recruitment (HR Services). The company allows writers and book sellers become a vendor by giving them access to an online store where they can sell their products. Reading Hub is an initiative brought about by Value Up Service, in partnership with Footprints Dynasty Ltd, in order to help budding writers and lovers of literature monetize their skill and also for people with little capital to invest for good return over a short period of time. The platform is developed to help anyone with the desire to read, write, and/or invest to make money while working from home, and most especially, doing what they love doing. You can earn over N50,000 ($130) per month on this platform. Referral program isn’t compulsory. 

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First, Reading Hub is meant for the following categories of people:

1.       Writers: Those who have passion for creating content in the world of literature. It doesn’t matter what your genre of writing is. 

2.       Readers: Those who love to read literature and give their opinion about it. 

3.       Angel Investors: Those who are simply just interested in making money by investing and getting good returns on their investment.

Registration is FREE! 

You can click here to register. After registration, you can upgrade to either of the two membership plans and each comes with different benefits:·   

  • Reader Premium Plan (2nd Citizens)· Upgrade Fee: 2000 rFX         
  • Writer Premium Plan (1st Citizens) Upgrade Fee: 5000 rFX

Both plans gives you access to invest. Moreover, you can be a writer, reader and also an investor at the same time. As a member of the Hub, you can:·         

  • Earn by reading or writing· You earn 5 rFX per post and up to 1500 rFX per day.
  • Earn by investing·         
  • Earn by participating in contest·         
  • Cash your earning into your local bank account daily·         
  • Withdraw daily·         
  • Buy airtime/data from your earning·        
  • Buy Crypto Coin with your wallet coin. 

Your earning is stored in your wallet. rFX is the currency of the community. 480 rFX is equal to $1.


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This is the best project I have ever come about. it gives me a very good passive income and I am hoping to give it my full attention.
- Adeshina
Customer Satisfaction
Is this a ponzi scheme?

No! This is not a ponzi scheme. It is a membership community site.

Which organization powers this Hub?
This project is powered by Value Up Service, in partnership with Footprints Dynasty Ltd.
Is this a referral based program?

Not at all! You dont have to participate in a compulsory referral program.

How Do I Upgrade My Account?

To upgrade your account, pay into the following account:

Pay N1200 into the account below:

Account Number: 0481132798
Bank Name: Guaranty Trust bank 

Upon successful payment, send a screenshot of your payment to the number below:

+2349027568622 (WhatsApp)
or click on the link below:

Click Here

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  1. Richard Kolawole

    I have tried out this platform and ur a just the best so far. It is helping me to foot my bills.

    1. Isa soliudeen

      Trust me if you join this platform you won’t regret

      1. valueup

        Thank you for your feedback. We hope to serve you better.

  2. Temidayo Akintuyi

    Wow! If you haven’t used this platform then you are missing out.
    I can boldly say that I am on of the highest earners on this platform. It’s my full time duty.
    Try it out today.

  3. Oluwakemi

    I’m so excited coming about this platform. At first, I thought it was a scam but so far I have no regret. My last withdrawal was delayed due to the upgrade but now I have been paid and I was told everything has normalized again…

    Reading Hub for life!

  4. Eze Charles

    This is the best online community I have come about so far.
    I love everything there already mist especially the customer care service.

    1. valueup

      Thank you for your feedback. We hope to serve you better.

  5. Shalom White

    I’d keep saying, Kudos, Kudos and a million more kudos to the Reading Hub Team.
    Irrespective of the fact that I’m being paid in equivalence to my activeness here, I’d tell you honestly, that I’ve really learnt a lot here.
    The inspirational speeches, the poetry, the updates….. We are just too much, men.
    I’m a proud member of this society. When would you join us?! You better be quick about it cos if you’re not part, you’re obviously missing out.

    1. valueup

      Thank you for your feedbackb. We hope to serve you better.

    2. valueup

      We appreciate your honest review. We will keep doing everything necessary to serve you better

  6. Idorenyin Robert

    The best platform for making money online

    1. valueup

      Thank you for your feedback. We hope to serve you better.

  7. Badru Afeez

    Hi everyone,
    I am new here but I believe I am seeing the future

    1. valueup

      Yes, of course. This is the future. Thank you for joining us!

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